Monday, January 15, 2007

And then there's that game losing drive...

Nothing like saying, "Game on," with conviction only to have the puffed air deflated out of you instantly. This is how my night went AFTER the intrigue and excitement.... An instant msg conversation with my good friend Heather:


my husband is a poopy head

Heather says:
uh oh.... I need to find out why... but I have to reboot! I am taking spyware off my laptop... stick around a bit... I will be back

ok - I'm also on my laptop - NEW!!!

Heather says:
stupid spyware


Heather says:
Caleb accidently downloaded somethign that had it and it was annoying

ahhh....was wondering how you get spyware these days with all the preventive stuff

Heather says:
SO why is Charlie Brown being a Poop head?

because he can?? lol

Heather says:
He downloaded a game and the spyware was IN the game grrr

just kidding, you want the what

Heather says:
I do want the what

no tonight was the orientation for my mpa program (classes start tomorrow)

Heather says:
Wowwee are you excited?

And I've already had one freak out moment in the last 72 hrs

Well, I WAS... [excited]

Heather says:
ruh roh

Saturday night we got into a huge to do about the division of labor argument we've had since the inception of our marriage and I was really freaking out, b/c uh, how in the hades am I gonna do it all?!?! we make up, no biggies right?

Heather says:
i think not?

so tonight's my orientation and it's in denver from 5-7:30

Heather says:
I feel an OH NO coming on

so that means he's picking the kids up, dinner etc, and I'm not home til 8:30 - 9ish

Heather says:
Sounds like a good plan

Damned freaking straight it was an oh no grrr.... back to this morning, we had more snow, he cleaned off my car, got his own lunch ready, etc etc really sweet.

Heather says:
that is good!

I worked my hiney off at work (again) left at 3:30 to make it there with plenty of time since the roads were rough. I still don 't have a cell phone- I know, stone ages

Heather says:
lots of peopel dont have one here yet so you arent too far behind

but I have a calling card from when I was in denver for travel last time, and told him I would call when I got there and then wehn I got ready to leave. But, I forgot...our phone has a block on unidentified calls, so I have to key some phone number he'll answer into it for him to not think it's a telemarketerso I do that, use his work answer, leave VM, go about my merry way

Heather says:
Uh oh....

I was so excited. Heather, like, buzzing, because I'm on my way to be who God designed me to be...can just FEEL it in my bones. Go thru the orientation, and am feeling really good, call, and this time I keyed in my work number

Heather says:
No kidding!!!!

still no answer, so I leave a msg saying it's 7:45 and I'm on my way, should be home between 8:30 and 9:30 (cuz I still hadn't eaten and they only had snacks). Drive home - and wished I'd worn contacts b/c the glare of night driving was awful in my glasses

Heather says:
pooor you... I always wish I hadnt worn them Specially with snow around

Get home, and the door is being goofy (lever isn't working, but it was actually still deadbolted - I parked out front and we rarely use our front door - not so weird). Just as I get my keys together,Chuck yells, "I've GOT it!" I holler back, it's not a big deal, but he opens the door all huffy. I'm like, "hi hon, welcome home." But didn't say it

Heather says:
I bet I can just imagine

All the way home, I'd thought about how, with our recent tiff and how sweet he was being this morning that my homecoming would be pleasant

Heather says:

So, he's all gruff with me, he's playing his new x box game, IGNORES me, as *I* try to evoke conversation out of *him* - "Were the kids good? How was your day?" He NEVER asks a word about how my night was, how was the drive.....etc I asked him if he got my msgs
he said he got the one, but that I scared him using his work number - so, even though I did the right thing, I did it wrong

Heather says:
I am getting the frying pan out already for you.. to whack him on the head and I havent even heard the whole story

lol- he then goes on to tell me I never called 2x - b/c it didn't even register on the phone - WTH!?!? well, it turned out that the 7:45 one showed up as "security screen" ooo-000-0000
something to do with my work number and identification - technology

Heather says:
how nutty

so he didn't answer it, and thus, I never called, right?

Heather says:
Your husband is a brick short. Block head is a good term

so then, the fact that the kitchen is a freaking sty is *my* fault b/c he "didn't even know if I was coming home" ?!?!? yes, I know....I thought it rather fitting when I came up with it
now....and bare with me, this is pretty poor me - but seriously, tonight, I'm thinking how in the HELL did we end up together? and WHY are we still together?

Heather says:
Oh man I am laughing but I am so annoyed with you

he's freaking crazy

Heather says:
with you meaning WITH WITH you LoL not at you


Heather says:
does that make sense

lol it does now

Heather says:
I knew I had to clarify LOL

lol, I was sitting here, going WTH?

Heather says:
SOrry I am annoyed at the same time you are AT THE MAN!

ahh. I know...took me a bit

Heather says:
I wonder the same thing about my husband all the time tho ALL the time just this week!

So anyway, I'm just quiet, get the dishes done FIRST thing when I come home at 9:00

Heather says:
I wonder how on earth... then there are the good days when I am like... ok I see. lol poor you is right

was just going to forget it, ya know

and then

Heather says:
yah its the woman thing to do


he says, after his football game is over (xbox)

Heather says:
then.... oh no oh no

"Well, we might as well hug tonight" like it is MY fault he hasn't had any interaction with me

Lost it. Couldn't contain it

Heather says:
I bet I would have gone ummmmmm

and then.. to make it all so much better. he goes into the, "Oh yeah, well you did_______" retaliation mode which just pushed me over the damned edge

Heather says:
uh oh....

meanwhile, the whole time I'm thinking - I wasn't so crazy the other night when I had my freakout, because LOOK! It's happening!!!! Exactly what I was afraid of is happening.

Heather says:

and it pisses me off

Heather says:
I bet... Your husband needs a wake up call... a serious one... You need to hid the cord to his XBOX

Heather says:
hide too sorry my brain and fingers arent working at the same speed

in the meantime, I've not gotten any work done bc of this homeless shelter stuff at work, I have a presentation on Thursday that I'm totally unprepared for etc...etc...but the lights are _off now and it IS after 11, so I better get to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow ;_

Heather says:
ohhh no I hope not. Well we will pray for you tonight and hopefully you will have good news for me tomorrow. Hey I dunno where you went to ... but know we are praying for a better NON Stress filled day for you tomorrow... so prayerfully that will happen. Let me know... I have to go to bed. *HUGS*

Heather - thanks for listening to me rant. I'm ok. Still a bit overwhelmed, but otherwise none worse for the wear.


  1. Oh, hon, I'm sorry. Sounds like a suck-tastic way to come home.

    On the upside? You're a funny IM-er. :-)

    Tell him to bring you flowers. That works for me. He gets specific directions from me, (which he wants, as long as they're done pleasantly) and I get flowers. mmm.

  2. *HUGS*HUGS*HUGS*HUGS* Rant away... that is what Friends are for... Did you find Jake a job yet? We will move to town LOL

    *HUGS* Talk to ya on IM later if you are home :)

  3. Girl, take a breath. Take care of you, first, then him. It's going to be okay.

  4. Awww, I hate days like that.

    A while back you offered to help me with cover letters for short story submissions if I needed it. Is that offer still on? I know you're busy, so no worries if not. Could you email me at sparrow10(at)earthlink(dot)net?
    Thanks so much!