Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh, and I forgot to add

To my follow up post, that Monday night I went out for a girl's night with DSW and when I came home, without having to have had to ask, Charlie Brown had steam cleaned and vaccuumed the upstairs carpet.

It was so not my normal Charlie Brown...

Tuesday and the rest of the week has been kind of like a return to planet earth, if you know what I mean....

Last night I was presented with my birthday gifts, upon returning from working late.

Flowers out in my planters (YAY!)

And the first season of The O.C. on dvd (WTF???)

(also, see point about the money in our recent conversation....anybody else's hubs just do what they want to do instead of what you ask for????)

Oh well, tonight shall be fun...I planned it, so it will be!

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  1. Hows the OC treatin' ya. ROFL

  2. Good glory.

    Now if it were the first season of BBC's Chef! I'd forgive him.