Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random bullets

Cheers Today I discovered a new blog, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. In Mir's candid re-telling of the night's events at her house, I saw LMNOB. Crisply, clearly, there was my daughter before me, saying the exact same things! Oh, wait....that was a memory, but well, how can they be so similar? Could it be that I am not the only mommy with such a daughter? But, the part that scares the poo-poo out of me is that her dd is 8, whereas LMNOB is 5 and could be her behavioral twin! Signs of things to come? *sigh* at least when it comes to daughters, I have a new place to go where "everyone knows my name," or whatever it is that ails LMNOB.

Pouty This is my craptastic day bullet. Today I presented to a board re: the homeless count. The County Division of Health and Human Services director, who is paying for me to do this count, was there. I asked her today to see if she would be able to help me in getting her staff to administer surveys....bureaucratic answer alert: she said "no." So lemme get this straight lady, the cause is such that you can support it financially, but when it comes to actually getting the work done, I'm on my own? What the heck kind of collaboration is this?

Mean Oh yes, it got worse. I get home and there's a very passive aggressive e-mail from a woman in our church small group that says only, " I didn't get your email that you sent out to our life group. Maybe we got taken off your list accidentally or on purpose, who knows. FYI. - M" For the record, YES she was on the list, and she even "replied all" to a message that was "replied all" to my ORIGINAL message!!! What gives? So, I being the direct person I am, call her and let her know on her answering machine, yes I did include her, no it was not on purpose, perhaps her junk mail kicked it? I also touched on how her message bothered me, even though I figured she was joking, without the tone and body language, the humor got left out. She gets on the phone and tries to ha-ha it and continues the passive aggression - "Well, I guess I won't joke anymore....well, I guess we just don't know each other well enough?" Grrrrrrrrrr! Crap on me, I try to be a squeaky wheel to avoid further incidents, and instead of the proverbial oil, I get more crappy attitude!

To top it, we have WAY too much to do for church tomorrow, money problems are Baaaaaack!, and I have gained 10 lbs in a month, despite 2 weeks of dieting and exercise!

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  1. ok 10lbs in a month means you have to stop dieting on Chocolate... Or you are pregnant ;)