Friday, July 21, 2006

random wakefulness

    • Yesterday, LMNOB uttered the following phrase: "Yeah, baby! That made me wet!" Hearing that out of a 5 y/o about made me wet, though because of the hilarity, and not because of any weird fetishes....For what it's worth, it was a sudden rainstorm out of nowhere that "made her wet"..... context proves to be everything
    • I'm weaned off the Effexor now - taking St. John's Wort 3x daily now and it's seeming to have had no difference - save for my checkbook. A 6 week supply is $20; whereas a 30 day supply of Effexor was forty bucks a pop.
    • I did really well with diet and exercise last week; this week, eh, not so much. Err...not at ALL. But, heck, miracle of all miracles, I'm down 5 lbs as of today. Go figure.
    • I'm really getting stressed about this homeless count job. 1) because so much is riding on it for the social welfare of my community; 2) because so much is riding on it for my future career path.
    • I talked with a really intelligent man, (herein referred to as Mr. Intelligent, Politically Savvy Man) at church Wednesday night about affordable housing and the homeless count; and while he sits on a pretty different political fence than I do, he actually listened (per my very direct, "Hey if you want to talk about this, great, but one caveat - you gotta listen, let me say my piece, and not begin your mental race to the counter arguments while I'm talking - otherwise, no deal."), and conceded that some of the things I brought up were good and valid points. This from a very conservative man who tends to think of anyone different as a "bleeding heart." Yeah well, I've lived the life,'s tough.

Now, I really must be going to beddie bye. Night night all....


  1. What you said about someone racing to counter-argue couldn't be more true. I myself am guilty of that and wish I could turn it off on occasions when, for some reason or another, I can't. I think I tend to do well most of the time, but there are instances where I fail dismally. Take today for instance. I went to pick up my new glasses, and found myself discussing the battle between Lebanon and Israel. Now, I do not know who's right or who's wrong, but somehow, fingers were pointed at me during this 'discussion' and I found myself wanting to counter-argue before the person I was engaged with even finished divulging their opinion. Certainly not the best plan of action. I should've carefully listened to everything they said first, then expressed my degree of agreement or disagreement thereof. I also thought it was interesting that during this little discussion, my counterpart kept referring to me as "intelligent" when in fact, I felt so ill-equipped and so ill-informed on the matter, that I felt guilty for even having an opinion in the first place.

    I think your prerequisite to having the conversation regardling homeless housing, etc. was brilliant - but I also think you're asking for a lot - when someone holds such strong political beliefs that they are virtually incapable of listening to the other side's opinion. Not to say it didn't work - but wow - that was a smart, but lofty order.

  2. No doubt it's asking a lot, but I also maintain that to whom much is [intellectually] given, much is [intellectually] expected - and honestly considering what your debating opponent has to say before responding is the utmost courtesy in human discourse. :) Besides, it's a marriage counseling concept - and I find they are applicable to most EVERYTHING in life!

    As for the "intelligent" label - you ARE intelligent, Leigh - and intelligent rarely means "properly informed," and always means "able to reason soundly."