Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If you write it, they will come

"It" being anything remotely ubus related and/or containing the words "No Boys Allowed."

"They" being the boys that you desperately do not want to have any sort of mental picture of your chest.

That said, I'm about to venture into the world of brassieres.

Let's begin, shall we?

I have a hard time finding good bras b/c I'm a weird fit. I'm a 38 B, and my boobs sit further apart and more "to the side" than the fantasy babe model's whose ubus are sitting straight and center, lol - WAY TMI, I know!

Anywho....I get a coupon/giftcard thingie in the mail for a free panty at Victoria's Secret, oh and by the way, it says, $10 off any bra, too! LOL, they hook me in with that free panty EVERY time, even though I know this is the marketing ploy of "Bring them in at a $10 cost, show them all the bells and whistles in lingerie, and they will spend at least 3x what it cost you to incent them in the first place!"

So, naturally Charlie Brown and I go in on date nite to claim the prized panties. And, it was no great surprise when the lady wants me to look at/try on bras too. I know that I'm in need of one or two new bras, so I agree to test the latest and greatest.

Victoria's Secret now carries that new IPEX (which, who comes up with these names anyway, it sounds so SCI-FI - which women generally are NOT) bra, so I try the wired and wireless version.

Soft cup bras are generally pointless for me - the rough equivalent of a sock for lifting and support, and little more than a shelf bra for coverage- so I was leary. But I hate the wire's discomfort - though VS bras are much more comfy for me.

Enter clouds of enlightenment and harpy music:

The IPEX wireless bra is like HEAVEN NIRVANA, blissfully unaware of life's troubles, for my boobs!

Lift - CHECK,
Support - one enthusiastic CHECK,
Comfort - Like you can
only IMAGINE! Check Plus!

This bra is so TOTALLY worth its weight in GOLD....not that that would be much cuz it's pretty light, but ykwim, right?

sigh - that is the sound of one comforted woman Bow Down

And for you BOYS who just can't stay away from this topic, please don't comment! I retain the right to bury my head in the sand as to your now inappropriate knowledge about myself. Help me stay in ignorant bliss.

Also - keep this in mind for your wives. Christmas is coming - do me a favor will ya? Learn your wife's candid information re: her "girls" and treat 'em right with this bra!


  1. Amen on the Ipex. I'm right there with ya.

    Just found your blog, but I had to comment, being a fellow Ipex-lover and Coloradan, myself. :-)

  2. I have liked the Body By Victoria bras. I'll have to give the Ipex a try.

  3. Princess, welcome - and check this: I'm 27 too, lol! The common ages, location and the ipex connection combined with obvious feminine intellect (smart and sassy on your blog - I like) tell me that perhaps we'll talk more in the future.

    Anon - Go for it!

    And for anyone else - I made this startling discovery in my car today immediately after posting OP:
    if IPEX were to look like iPEX - it could be i like iPod, which I think is for "intelligent" and PEX = Pecs = Breasts! I do believe I just performed the exegesis for a bra name most accurately.

  4. You know that I am notorious about not following directions! I must say Amen though ...treat your babe to a quality ... and PRETTY bra, :-) Victoria's Secret, Fredericks or ....

    BTW I made some comment on "Christian Mythmakers" in response to your question.


  5. Your right ... I'm back,

    Bobby Valentine

  6. Creepy Bobby - creepy....lol

    WHY must you insist on breaking perfectly good rules which protect my craziness?!?!