Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sex, lies and blogging

Ooooh, doesn't that sound juicy?!?

Too bad, so sad - no details for you to be had. sister-child and I talked for like a million hours last night. It was 1 am when I went to bed. And yes, the aforementioned topics were largely discussed, among other things. But, what's said with sisters, stays with sisters.

It wasn't always this way. Kay-kay and I are almost 8 years apart in age - and since she was all of ten when I moved out on my own, and very much a pain in my 18 y/o butt, we weren't really very close.

She moved to Seattle almost 2 years ago when she turned 18. I played the big sister/mother role and was over the top blunt with her about how she shouldn't go shack up with her boyfriend. Enter some distance....

But over time, I've seen that she is really blossoming into an awesome young woman. She's happy in Seattle, and though I miss her dearly at times, I really think that's where she needs to be. She's coming into her own quite nicely. And we've grown thisclose as a result.

After last night, I know
    • that we are definitely related, by blood, experience, and personality
    • that we wrestle some of the very same demons because of this relation
    • that I'm proud of her
    • that she's very strong, while at the same time feminely fragile
    • that I can lean on her for some things
    • and that she needs to get a new damned cell plan - we had probably a dozen
      dropped calls over the course of the 3+ hours we were on the phone.

Love you Kay-kay....


  1. Hi doll - I'm summing up on several posts I read in backlog. First, you have beautiful children. Love the traditional holiday photos. Of course, the writer in me is wondering just how many time outs and threats were given to wrangle them just so into their matching garb. How much angst into "should I or should I not spend the money?" I like your goals, too. And just know that you're not alone. I, too, struggle with what my purpose is in life. Of course I LOVE my kids more than anything. But sometimes, I wonder if God has a plan for me outside of them? I used to write for TV for Godsake, and now I spend more time watching Dora on TV. If I didn't have this passion in me it wouldn't get me so nutty at times. But I do. And so, I strive to find balance. With a combo of God, working out, and staying real, I can do it. And so can you. Oh, and I'm 36, so I'm 10 years ahead of you on this crazy journey. Hang in. I'll be along for the ride.

  2. Thanks Mama P....

    If you must know re: the, I didn't wrangle, didn't fuss over money thanks to fortuitous cash, the ease of those pictures is largely due to the laissez-faire attitude afforded me by a couple of drinks at the party. *gasp* I know.... ;-)

  3. Hey, if the kids can hit the bottle sometimes, so can you. Cheers. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying your sister!