Monday, July 2, 2007

For my little firecracker...

Happy 4th Birthday, Sparky.

Despite being due at the END of July, it's no wonder that you simply HAD to come out near Independence Day, because you are such a little firecracker in your own right, from your punkin colored head to your explosive, and highly contagious, sense of humor that is always followed by laughter, (I mean seriously, how many 3 yr olds a punny enough to say, while wrapped around a swingset pole, "Look! I'm a POLEr Bear!)to your fiery and stubborn temper. (Hmm, I wonder who you get that from? Pas MOI!!!)

You're a boy, through and through right now, and often I raise my hands in exasperation at the apparent pitfalls of the y chromosome, but usually right about then, you make all that exasperation melt away, with, "Mama, I need a hug," or "Mama, I need a kiss." And it secretly pleases me that you sometimes still slip into your baby language and say "tiss" instead of kiss. Also, I realize that Mamas and little boys have a special bond, and that is what continues the species.

You have inherited Daddy's thrill-seeking ways - much to the horror of my Mommy-hen-wants-to-ALWAYS-keep-the-chicks-safe ways. I told him to stop watching motocross with you when you recently attempted to stand on top of your bike (which also happens to look like a motocross bike) while moving. Just throw some caution in there occasionally, kay? It makes a Mama happy.

You are my sweet boy who is tender with babies, and loving to all. Keep that up.

You still lisp your Rs, but it has evolved from a simple W substitution to a more sophisticated RW combo....Here-wo (Hero) for example.

Happy birthday buddy,

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