Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And just like that, it was gone

Another crazy rainstorm.

Not quite like last week's. And nowhere near the one 10 years ago.

But still pretty crazy.

And this time, I have pictures.

August Rain 009
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Check out the sideways nature of the neighbor's plants. Yeah, it was an intense little 15 minute storm.

No, your eyes are not failing you - the sun IS simultaneously shining. Quite Brightly. Crazy, huh?

The kids thought - "Whhheeeeee!!!!!!!! An outdoor shower...FULLY clothed. WHAT could possibly be more fun than this?" Or at least that is what they seemed to think.

August Rain 004
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I thought, "Photo Op." I mean how often can you capture the essence of childhood?

Especially these ones. They speak to me, saying, "Screw the sprinklers, ma, this outdoor shower gig is where it's at!"

August Rain 006
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August Rain 008
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