Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Her pictures say a bajillion, blubbering-inducing words..

My LMNOB has a particularly special gift, among many others.

Her keen ability to observe and recreate has long astounded me - you tell me, am I being overly partial in feeling this way?

She drew this tonight at church, hence the heart and cross - indicative of her mood.

Ms. M has her bandana and no hair, as she is post-chemo. Notice the earrings though, including the top right hoop. Ms. M does indeed have that, and on that ear, should you be standing across from her. Then she has her staff ID necklace - and a top and skirt that actually resembles the outfit she had on today.

LMNOB drew her barrette in her hair, the butterflies and hearts on her shirt, and the holes that make her crocs. You can hardly see it, but she also drew the butterfly pendant she wears on her crocs.

And the little boy L actually does have rather large eyes, and when she drew him, I knew exactly who it was before she wrote his name (I edited the pic for name content - but she wrote all the names spelled exactly right).

The clothing is indicative of what was actually worn today at school. And, I'd wager to say they are all kids who were kind to her today at school.

She was so happy while drawing this, and it made me tear up to see her say in her own little way, Mama, it's gonna be ok. I'm finding my place, and these people care for me. I'm gonna be just fine. Also, I'm gonna be a famous artist someday and will show the world my innermost thoughts with my work.

:sniff: She's my precious baby, you know? I want the kindest, gentlest, most caring world for her. Especially right now, when I'm still responsible for helping shape that world for her.


  1. Wow, that's an awesome picture! Waaaaay more detail than I ever included at that age. (Or any other age, for that matter!)

    Who knows, maybe you have a budding artist on your hands...!

  2. That is just too sweet! I just LOVE that the girls have lovely, juicy lips, and the boy doesn't! LOL Oh so cute!


  3. Holy guacamole! That is a great picture.

    And I'm all verklempt.

    (my word verification is "pahwnama" which now is going around in my head like a doo wop song. pah w na ma PAH w na na na ma)