Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LMNOB...or shall we move to LMG?

As in Little Miss Genius? Perhaps....perhaps...

Since I got home early from jury duty yesterday, I thought, "Why not call that teacher from Local Neighborhood School back and try and get LMNOB's placement testing done this afternoon?" Because I am so smart like that.

Wouldn't you know, that worked just fine.

I brought in LMNOB's report card, showing she'd mastered all of her letter recognition, phonics, etc, as well as her ITBS score report - so that we could skip all of that and cut straight to the chase with her reading group placement.

So we go in and LMNOB, while shy and reading in her tight-I-don't-want-you-to-hear-me-voice, BLEW through all of the 1st grade material the teacher had. Then, LMNOB didn't bat an eye at the 2nd grade book either!

I knew LMNOB was a good reader, but I guess once she took off with it, I took for granted the level of books which she reads - they are not chapter books, after all. I chalked it up to the whole, "The things kindergarteners are doing in school now, I don't remember touching until at least 2nd grade" phenomenon. Nevertheless, I was beaming with pride!

The teacher was VERY impressed, and said, at 5:30pm - now long past her hours of testing, "We haven't been able to challenge her to the point of me knowing just where she belongs, but we've got a great starting place for whoever ends up being her homeroom teacher. I see LMNOB doing more independent work for reading, and because she is so good with the phonics, it will be focused more on comprehension - reports and the like on topics of her interest."

I'm so proud of her. My Little Miss Genius.


  1. This is very exciting news! I love love love reading stories. Hmmm, no, I love stories about reading. Yeah, I really do have the dumbs today.

    I'm new to your blog but am looking forward to going back and learning more about your reading habits with your daughter. I also need to find out what LMNOB means. I got the "LM" part. I hope that's not just due to more of my "dumbs" today.

    I promise I'm going to wrap this up in a second, but I have a just-turned-3 year old and he recently began going to Montessori school about 6 hours a week, so this kind of stuff is high on my list of frequently mulled over topics. And because I could write a blog entry in your comments about reading with your kids, I'll zip it right now and get back to poking around.

    Hey, thanks for the linky love, lady!

  2. I am so bad about not just linking LMNOB to this post. It is my stealthy play on "LMNOP" (ellemenohpee) that kids her age (at the time I started blogging) are prone to doing.

    Thanks for stopping by...and you're welcome - I've loved what you've had to say the times I've managed to get over to your place.

  3. A common thread I see through your posts is your reference to being smart. Curious if your parents were the type to compliment you on it or if you had to come to this deduction on your own. And hey, congrats to LMNOB. That is so wonderful.

  4. Mama P...

    A lot of my "smart" and "brilliant" comments about myself tend to be tongue-in-cheek...for instance this post I was using "smart like that" to refer to my pragmatic bend to efficiency, more than actual smarts.

    That is not to say that I disbelieve in my smarts, I know I'm smart, I just like to tease a lot. As to your curiosity...a little of both, I'd say.

    As for my daughter's smarts - there is no teasing whatsoever...she's brilliant and makes me very proud (she would even if she had no brains though...mama's love is blindest of them all)

  5. Come on, girl, you know you're smart. I was serious when I asked if perhaps your parents instilled a confidence in you about it. I wonder how much a sense of intelligence comes from practice vs. being told. I had a bit of both, but I'm always curous about others. Again, so happy about LMNOB.

  6. Go LMNOB/LMG! That's great news.