Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Playing Doubles

Here we go again.

Tonight will be the first joint therapy session.

I was so aggravated with Charlie Brown last night - as his desire to be an immature kid, riding LMNOB's itty bitty two wheeler with training wheels that could have popped off at his weight, whilst she screamed, "No Daddy, I want to ride it!" overrode the mature thing to do, which would have been helping her get the bike out of the driveway and allowing her to ride along the alley with the other kids.

I am fully aware that this "forever young" trait of his is one that I thought was so cute when we first got together. But, dude, pick the appropriate time, place, situation for said trait's expression, okay?

Ahhhhhhhhh..... :sigh: He rose to the challenge all right.

Challenge being, Monday night he said, "I'm gonna have to give you some material to talk about Wednesday night, aren't I?"


  1. Gah!!!!

    I hope you bopped him upside the head (verbally anyway).

  2. *snort* That is funny and annoying all at the same time. I actually chuckled out loud...

  3. Ooh... my hubby did the same thing when we first got CJ's bike. I shreiked something like GET OFF YOU IDIOT YOU'RE GOING TO WRECK IT and he looked slightly sheepish. What is it with men sometimes??