Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Tonight's News - Drive-By Thinking Sets Hammy's House Awry

Haven't been blogging b/c life got crazy busy on me.

In fact I shouldn't even be here, but I had this overwhelming compulsion to share with you the random thoughts that were going thru my head today, as I'm home from work, frantically cleaning before hosting a direct-sales party in my home tonight. Oh, and MIL's coming too, since she has business in the Fort tomorrow.

Why was my house SO COMPLETELY TRASHED you ask? Oh, b/c Charlie Brown got a hankering to CUT A HOLE IN OUR WALL this weekend. Holy shiznit but that about made me unravel into a big pile of nerves! I kept looking at the hole and saying, "But, honey - it's crooked - OMG! WHAT! HAVE! YOU! DONE!?!?!" But never fear, dear readers, because the hole is now framed ("frenched" per Charlie Brow) in w/wood that's STRAIGHT and has our DVD player, Dish receiver, etc. in it. Yes, we now have a built in entertainment console. And the TV? On the wall. Oh, yeah...it's sweeeeeeeeeet. We reclaimed about 3 feet of width in our smallish living room with this project. Woohoo! So, in the mean time our house did not receive its weekend deep cleaning that it normally does and I was so afraid that someone would see and call Dept of Human Services for exposing my children to such filth.

As I was cleaning today, I noticed crayon on the wall. It's not new. Rather it's been there for about a year, maybe more. But alas, the crappy paint that KB Home used won't even stand up to a washcloth with pure H2O on it, and thus it remains. I thought, "Self, you never used to get it when moms would complain about the stuff we kids did to trash their domain. Now you really freaking do."

Which led me to my next thought about how I could be construed as a frustrated perfectionist with respect to the cleanliness, or lack completely thereof, of my abode. And then the philosopher in me interjected - oh, you are more than a frustrated perfectionist...you are a wistful perfectionist. You wish that these creatures you live with would see your desire for a clean home, that you had time to make it clean more often than each weekend, you wish you had the energy to be the perfectionist you'd love to be. Yes, yes...I've got this wistful yearning to be obsessive, crazy eh? Sure it is - that's how my eating disorder started. I wished I was controlled enough to be anorexic (at the time - I am so over this), sick as that thinking is, and thus began the cycle of restricting-bingeing-purging. So, I think with regard to the domestic maven obsession? It will remain a wistful longing. Lest I become completely OCD.

I am all over the map today with thoughts. Hopefully they will remain and good blogging will pour on out of me. I don't know though....I've got school work that I haven't even begun on, and a 10 year high school reunion coming up this weekend, that I stupidly volunteered to do a "look at us now" slideshow for. I am up to my ears in work in all venues of life.

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