Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I found the Bermuda Triangle...in COLORADO

Or, due to my lack of mechanical knowledge and the overabundance of a thick fog, perceived that I was entering the Twilight Zone this morning.


If judged by its cover, my car is a certifiable POS. I contend that it is a 12 year old Subaru with almost 130k miles, that has rarely been garaged, and thus the outer appearance is...well, let's just say the elements have not been kind. But it's PAID for. AND it gets me where I need to go - often when nicer cars cannot perform. So, nyah!

So, I'm driving to work this morning in the groundclouds that made it dark and gloomy when I got to the newly added stop light, replacing a 4 way stop, and cursed the nuisance of this new light.

At green, I began to go again, and my li'l navy blue wonder had to be prodded a bit.

Ok, more gas, that's more like it. Oh, wait...WTH was THAT?

That, was my speedometer needle going up and down like a diving board would after Ralphie May gave a good jump off. And the RPM needle.

Well...hmmm...car's still goin' though, right? But cripes, what next, a full Linda Blair revolution?

As it would turn out, no. It did peak up high and then just die, only to rest at 0mph, despite the car following closely behind the vehicle in front. Then the ABS light came on. Slight shudders could be felt through the gas pedal.

Holy schnikes, I thought, as Maximum Overdrive came to mind. Not that I've watched it recently, or that it was that great of a movie, but it used to scare the hell out of me as a kid.

As I rounded the corner by Horseshoe Lake, the fog got REALLY thick, and the guage needles suddenly revived themselves again - only to plummet back to 0. Then, my airbag light went on. And my heater and radio just went poof!

Creepy...Let's just hope I get to work in one piece.

I get to work, call Charlie Brown - who is a Subaru guru, if you remember - and before I even got all the story out, he says, "It's the alternator. I'll be by there for lunch and put a new one in."

Ok, then - so now I'm left wondering how many Bermuda triangle instances were really fritzing alternators?


  1. Hey at least you have a suburu! It may be old they run, like, forever! Sounds like your POS was just possessed by a FORD (found on road dead) vehicle!

  2. what is an airbag? my 1972 Impala just got a seatbelt for the backseats! hey - a suburu might have POS tendencies, but my wife's 1995 Astro van has to last for one more year on bailing wire and bubblegum and duct tape until I get a teacher's job.

    glad you are okay!

  3. That.is.weird.

    Remind me to NOT bring my car to your house ;)

  4. Oh. I'm sorry. I no NOTHING about cars. My hope is that when I step on the gas pedal it drives. I think if a dishonest mechanic spoke to me about a car problem for longer than 2 seconds, I'd lose the "Y-Chromosome Advantage" and he'd rip me off by selling me something like headlight fluid. I am glad you have somebody to fix it for you. Old POS might not look nice, but PAID FOR is right!