Thursday, December 27, 2007

Each Thought As Unique as Individual Snowflakes

In other words - this is a hodge podge bullet point post.

1. Sneezin's Greetings and Yule-tide Bless You's - I caught some sort of a flu-ish thing and it was AWWWWWWWWWWWWful. Nothing is quite as festive as freezing with fever on Christmas morning while opening gifts with one's family. And then sleeping for 16 hours. Oh, and yes, I did get a flu shot this year, lot of good it did me.

2. LMNOB and Punkinhead went iceskating - and it was fun. And surprising as to which of my children not only did okay, but excelled at this activity - which was a pleasant surprise. For all of us. Notice who is on his knees in the second picture. As for me - hoo b oy, I'd forgotten how much of a strain skating is on one's feet. Especially carrying 40lbs of excess weight - ahem, :cough: resolution.

3. I am so glad that I am a trend savvy person. Upon arriving at work today, all of the cars in the row I normally park were backed into their spots. Sensing this was a good thing, I too finagled with all the skill I could muster from driver's ed days, and backed into my spot. At 5 o'clock, I was grateful, seeing that an additional 4 inches of snow and drifting from the snowbank had buried the back half of my car. Had I been the other way around, I may have had a difficult time getting in.

4. While both my Mom and MIL said they were downsizing Christmas this year, we still have a crap ton of stuff here at casa del Meyer. Liars.

5. Charlie Brown and I went snow-shoeing for the first time Saturday. It was fun, albeit a reminder of what a fat, out of shape chica I have become, and absolutely gorgeous:

See?Then there's me who is dead sex-ay. Why yes, those are clip ons on my glasses. Classy, classy babe that I am.

6. I think my web funk at work is solved - html dummy that I am, the IT guy and I put our heads together and figured it out, sans FrontPage. Microsoft bastards.

7. Charlie Brown kind of screwed the pooch today. Man, here I am all loving and appreciative of late, oh and SICK as a frickin' dog, and he had today (and tomorrow) off with the kids, while I WORKED. Came home, and the house is still looking like Christmas threw up all over our house, and he's. PLAYING. X-box. And still played while I unloaded groceries and cooked dinner! Grrrrrrrrr.............. It would have been so lovely to come home to a clean-ish home with laundry washing, floors cleaned and things put away neatly. In my dreams. Oh well, the kids were alive - that's what counts right?

8. LMNOB got a karaoke machine for Christmas from my mom - and we all had fun with it tonight. I got a kick out of seeing LMNOB jivin' with the beat of the songs she knew. She keeps at it, and she could be a little diva. Charlie Brown is so not a tenor, lol. He needs to stick to bass, but there's no singing karaoke with a bass voice. Punkinhead, while not enthralled with the lyrics, is something of a prodigy when it comes to melody - he kept singing the songs, note for note, except the words were all "poopy, stupid, poopy poopy." Such a button pusher...and he knows it - this is the grin I see several times a day
Well - that's all for now. More later...

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