Friday, January 4, 2008

A Meeting of the Hearts

Wednesday morning, I took the kids to meet my sis, her beau, bro and his roomie at a coffee shop across from LMNOB's school from last year.

Punkinhead proudly announced that he was going to go to school next year and Ms. S was going to be his teacher.

LMNOB was quick to correct, "Nuh-uh! Ms. S doesn't even work there anymore, AAAAAAAAAAAND, we go to LocalNeighborhoodSchool now!"

Punkinhead, "Awwww.....but Ms. S is the bestest teacher evewr."

LMNOB, quietly, "Yeah, she was."

That night, Sis and Beau came over and we played the dumbest board game known to man, er, I mean a game we received as a gift this year. At one point we were asked if we could write 34 in Roman numerals. I, in a very S-M-R-T moment, scribbled IIIIV quite smugly and then realized I was quite wrong. Doh! XXXIV, Heather.

LMNOB immediately wrote a note on one of the game's papers.
Dear Ms. S...
I learned how to write 34 in Romen numrals
I (heart) u Ms. S. You are the graetist teacher.
She had studied Roman numerals at school last year, and we marveled at her memory.

Fast forward to tonight --->>>

We went to Tarzhay for some necessaries.

Charlie Brown had written the list on the back of the aforementioned note, having told me, "Be careful with it. If LMNOB sees that other side, she's gonna kill me!"

We'd split up as Punkinhead was in top form.

LMNOB and I were studying stationery when a familiar voice said, "Oh, wow, if it isn't my favorite girl!"

We looked and lo! It was Ms. S! The bestest kindergarten teacher a first-time mother could have ever asked for. A woman in whom I'd confided some of my deepest fears and entrusted my child to her loving care.

We hugged, we talked, and I told her, "I have to show you something - it's a funny coincidence," I said, alluding to many previous conversations about faith and how all thing happen for a reason, as I pulled out our shopping list. "LMNOB did this Wednesday night."

We talked. And talked. It was SO good to see her. I'd e-mailed her before Christmas to tell her about LMNOB's progress, and she'd gotten it, just hadn't had time to respond. I understand, life is B.U.S.Y.

We hugged some more - and her new principal walked by - Ms. S waved him over and said, "This is LMNOB from my kindergarten class last year - check out this note she wrote the other night," and showed him excitedly.

Ms. S was a kindred spirit for me, and it was a good reminder to keep in touch.

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