Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things That You Don't Like to Hear at the Register

At Kohl's the other day, I found a dress sort of like this for $9. $9! I couldn't just let that sit there, so I scooped it up and helped LMNOB do some birthday shopping.

As we checked out, no joke, the cashier lady actually said this, "Wow, it takes a bold person to wear a print like that - it's wiggin' my eyes."

No wonder you are not working the floor, lady - retailers such as your employer usually like to sell their products.

I just quipped back, "Takes a bolder person yet to make a comment like that."

LMNOB was embarrassed by my response. "Mooommm!"

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  1. I think it's a hot dress, and I'm glad you didn't let that insensitive woman rain on your parade! Do we get to see pictures???? :-)

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  3. I despise when cashiers pipe in - good or bad - it's none of their business!