Friday, April 4, 2008

Who Knew "W" Could Be So Empowering?

I withdrew from my coursework today.

Not permanently, mind you. I will resume classes this summer.

I will have a W for the Spring 2008 semester on my transcript though.

Used to be this kind of "W" = Quitter, Drop-out, get the idea, in my book.

Right now, this "W" =

Woman Who realized she Was overWhelmed and need not be;

Woman Wrestling With her self about WTF? her life is, could be, should be, WILL be;

Woman empoWered by revelation that she Was imbalanced;

Woman glad that she Will have more time With her husband, kids and friends;

And it feels good.

I'm going introspective, and apparently, I'm not the only one realizing this is a yearly pattern for myself:

Your best ideas in the next two weeks or so will come from your unconscious mind.

The weeks before your birthday are astrologically designed as a time for reflection on what you accomplished in the last year. The idea is not to judge and punish yourself, but to take time out to review what has transpired: what did you do well, and which areas of your life demand more attention and energy from you in order to work the way you'd like them to?

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  1. You are WONDERFUL :) And Wicked Smart :)

  2. I really like the W! You just described me in that post :)