Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And, Avoidance Leads the Race

I'm sure if I would have actually said, "Honey, we need to talk" that Charlie Brown would have put the video game down.

But, always a but....

But that would instantly put him in defensive mode.

And I so do not want that. I think confrontation would send me to the looney bin right now.

Tonight just wasn't the night.

And it's not his fault. Nor mine. And I'm ok with it, for now.

Let's about bloggable happenings in headline format?
5/13/2008 Moderately Violent Video Game Said to Increase Fraternal Cooperation and Kindnesses.
Yesterday after school, LMNOB and Punkinhead were playing Ultimate Alliance, which is a roleplaying superhero game with Spidey and all his comrades. I have never heard more courteous and considerate discourse between the two of them. Who'd have thunk it?
"Thank you brother, I needed to kill that guy!"
"You're welcome! That was totawwy awesome, sister!"

5/9/08 Mother Secretly Pleased at Son's Confession
Friday when I picked up the kids from daycare, M shared with me a tickling conversation.
Kids: We're getting big.
Punkinhead: M [former childcare provider and neighbor] says that when we get big enough we can have our own kids!
M: Well, Punkinhead, if you find someone you love and get married, then you can have your own kids when you're big.
Punkinhead: Well, I love my mommy.
M: Yeah, but she's already your daddy.
Punkinhead: Well that's just dumb - I love my Mommy!
Awwww, nothing warms the heart quite like a little Oedipal action.
Because it sure beats the "Oh yeah, well, I don't wike you Mommy. I wish you would go to jail," that we have been hearing of late.

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  1. I love it, 'well that's just DUMB.'

    My Boy has already claimed he's buying the house next door to us so that he can be close to me forever! ;)

  2. Don't mess with the MAN and his video games. EVER. I know I got kicked in the balls for it once.

    How cute that he wants to marry mommy!! I thought it was cute that Bacon said that I was Beautiriffic, but of course not...your guy trumped it.

  3. I love the video game conversation. Too hilarious!