Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Journey is Made One Day at a Time

And what a day today was for the first day of my journey out of the depths of depression.

The weather was GLORIOUS - I mean the angels must have been singing alleluia because it was great.

I felt as if a burden of a thousand issues had been lifted as I conquered those first frightening steps yesterday. While I know it was just the beginning, and am not overly idealistic about what lies ahead, the difference between Sunday and today is like the difference from east and west, night and day.

I got a fair amount done at work today, instead of illicitly wasting time on the internet as I have been doing far too much recently.

Home life was ok tonight. Not great, but not bad either. Just meh, suburban parenthood.

M came out with the baby tonight and was going on a walk just as Charlie Brown was telling me he was too sore from softball to go on a family walk, so we went together and caught up with each other, woman to woman over baby E's stroller. That was nice.

In all, it was a good day.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Thinking of you sweetheart, doesn't the sun just provide so much warmth inside and out?!

  2. Hooray for a good day. And double yay for the sun.

  3. Yay for a glorious day! You were definitely due for one of those. Hope you had another. :-)

  4. Good luck. I'm with you. I just posted about my first step today.

    Hang in and remember, tomorrow is a new day ... and will be better than today.

  5. "illicitly wasting time on the internet" - I can't decide if I take offense to that! :0)

    Glad today was a good day! And I hope they keep up that way!

    Welcome to AllMediocre!