Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm just fan-freaking-tastic! :0D

My [Master's level] Economics and Public Finance class started today. I have never in my life taken an econ class. Intimidated much? Uhhh....yeah. Is my book here yet? Nope. Was I able to log into the class today? Nope. Seems the CU-online platform had a "glitch" today and they had to manually add everyone WHO WAS ALREADY REGISTERED in today. IF they called. Which I did, but frick, folks, why not send out an e-mail letting folks know what is going on before causing widespread hysteria, eh?

That would be too easy.

Oh, and my lappy's still down. Has lost her home network connectivity too so file-sharing is non-existant. BIL thought my wireless card had tin whiskers and so we ordered a new wireless card. Got it today and put it in - didn't change a damned thing. So I have no mobility with my class work and that sucks.

Note to all - summer school = condensed session, which means time is of the essence. I don't have time for this crap!

Oh and speaking of crap....

Per her responses to my daily poop inquisitions, LMNOB has been eliminating regularly...and her breath is fine. But (pun delightfully intended) she still has issues with knowing when to go.

She has an unconscious signal that I've honed in on over the past 14 months - she brings her hand to her tailbone just minutes before she needs to go. It's generally fool-proof - I see the sign, I tell her to go potty and we have no accident.

But lately, she's taken offense to Mommy minding her potty habits. "I don't need to!" And she's probably right on in that it doesn't SEEM that she needs to, but the hand keeps finding the tailbone and I usually keep insisting.

Well tonight we did that dance, with Mommy Knows Best and Daughter's Willful Independence duking it out for the lead. DWI won out, briefly.

But then, "Maybe we should go the bathroom," uttered by a sheepish LMNOB.

So, as we were all at Charlie Brown's softball game, LMNOB, Punkinhead, and I all corralled ourselves into the disabled bathroom (space is a handicap, right?). As LMNOB clearly began a #2, I asked her about her stools today.

Had she gone?

Yes, three times today, she informed me with big eyes.

Hard, regular, or runny?

Mmmmm, regular, but kind of runny.

"That's because we had a lot of fruits and veggies yesterday."

And then I spied her panties...full of fresh crap.

"LMNOB....honey, you've got to tell me when that happens - you can't just sit in it, honey - your bum will get raw. When did that happen?"

"Just a few minutes ago, Mommy."

And so it goes.

Hopefully the next woman on the rag in that stall won't freak too much when she sees a shitty pair of panties in the feminine hygiene basket as she throws her pad/tampon applicator in there.

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  1. School work, I hear ya!

    Poop happens?

  2. Poop definitely happens.


    And school screw ups drive me up the wall.

  3. I don't think you have to worry about that...I avoid eye contact at all times with the inside of the sanitary napkin/tampon disposal thingy!