Monday, June 9, 2008

Inside Jokes and Understanding

When you've been with a person for any length of time, little inside jokes develop over that period of mutual history.

This year marks the spot where Charlie Brown has been in my life longer than he wasn't a part of it. Granted, the first two years we knew each other he was antagonistic to me - he was a senior boy barely making it thru school and I was a freshman, uber-nerdy girl - but still - it's weird to think that. And of the 14 years we've known each other, almost 10 of them have been as man and wife.

This amount of time, coupled with our love for pop culture, and the fact that Charlie Brown and I can make almost anything into a joke equates to a LOT of inside jokes over the years.

One of the longest standing jokes is that of "Brilliant!" being whispered by Charlie Brown whenever I happen to make a thoughtful comment at our church's congregational bible study. It's a hybrid reference regarding our love for Guinness and a throwback to our past. Drives me nuts, but also cracks me up. And he knows it.

Yesterday, we were talking about Jesus and his interactions with the following people were related, and how we could apply this theme in our marriages:
After a lot of thought provoking discussion and commentary, I raised my hand.

"One of the things that hits me most is how Jesus saw the whole person, flaws and all, and focused on the positive rather than getting all caught up in the things they did wrong. Our spouses are not our enemies, and if we take the time to focus on the positive attributes at times of disagreements, it can help us to stay in check with each other."

There was a lot of oohing and awing as people agreed. Without missing a beat, Charlie Brown leans over, "You're brilliant! Listen to you Miss Relationship. Brilliant!"

Wryly, I whispered back, "Yeah, except I'm not so great at practicing what I preach."

His sincere answer back to me took me by surprise. "But that's what's so great about you, honey. You know exactly where you are screwed up - and you strive for change. Those are no small potatoes."

We laughed quietly at this little inside joke.

If I'd gotten nothing out of the Bible Study but that moment, it would have been worth it.

Made me think of a song....

It's these sorts of things that make me feel an intimacy (into-me-see) with Charlie Brown that I don't have with anyone else. And that's pretty special.

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  1. Dangit if my speakers won't work on the day I have tons of "listening" to do as well as reading!

    Wonderful story and I love your INTO ME SEE with CB, very touching!

  2. Ah, that makes the difficult times so worth it, huh?

  3. OK, I have GOT to go to blogs more instead of reading everything on Google Reader - you new design is beautiful!

    Anyway. My husband and I are exactly the same way. He wrote "donkee balls" on the fridge with magnets the other day because we both thought a character said "donkey balls" instead of buckey balls on the movie "Andromeda Strain" the other night. Only he and I know that. It's silly but it brings us closer together!

  4. Inside jokes...they're such fun things.

    I love the adorable inside joke you talk about here between you can Charlie Brown - I can definitely relate.

    I love that new photo of you in your header. Either I didn't notice it before or you changed it up in here since the last time. Very nice!!