Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two Stubborn Chicks

Today I took a Macy's bag out of my trunk to consolidate some stuff we'd bought at Sam's Club.

LMNOB, in keeping with her latest delusion that she is the dictator/interrogator of the universe, had plenty of knowi-it-all, bossi-tude, hands on her hips as she inquired, "Now where did YOU get a Macy Penney's bag?"

I laughed and laughed.

"Two things, babe-cakes...One, you are not my older sister - lay off with the attitude, a'ight? Where or when I buy things is none of your business. Two, it's just Macy's."

"Nooo, it's Macy PENNEY'S, Mom." With an eye-roll, to boot.

"'scuse me darlin', but it is just Macy's. I think you are getting confused with JC Penney's. Now show your mama some respect and apologize for your rudeness."

"But Moooooooooooooooom! I thought it was Macy Penney's," she protested.

"Yeah, and you were wrong. But even if you weren't wrong, there is a way to say things nicely and not rudely. Now come on and say it, "I'm sorry for thinking I know everything. Clearly Mama, you are the smarter one."

Yeah. Well I knew it was a stretch, but sooner or later she'll come around.

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  1. I have a 12 year old just like that! She pushes her luck with me sometimes!

  2. Oh girl, do I ever feel that 7-year-old attitude! Right on!