Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Settling Back In...

:big contented sigh:

So I officially started this SAHM thing last Monday, but it was too overshadowed by Christmas and felt a bit vacationy.

Yesterday was the real deal. No office to jump up and get to, no harried breakfast or drill sergeant routine. Of course, next week may look a bit different as we will be back to making the school bus again, but *I* will not have to have myself together and ready to leave at the same time as them.

We had errands of course; my end of the year dental work that I needed to squeeze in before my coverage ends tomorrow (fillings - fun!), grocery shopping for a home that had been uninhabited for nearly a week, etc.

Grocery shopping with both kids - who were rather opposed to such an outing, even if it meant no food in the home should we have opted out - was not exactly fun per se. They were in re-entry mode and pushing every button possible on each other, or even worse, on me - together.

In all, it was a good day though. And we finished it with a fabulous home-cooked dinner (I love to cook but with the FT work gig we often ate out to avoid further exhaustion) of lemon-teriyaki chicken, rice pilaf and green peas. The kids ate it like no tomorrow and Charlie Brown was very appreciative of dinner at 6 o'clock instead of 7:30. As was I.

Today we've accomplished a fair amount of laundry and unpacking of the Christmas stuff, I've done my prenatal yoga DVD, showered, and got to enjoy LMNOB's heart-felt sing-along with the Francisca Battistelli cd I had in.

These are the days....to enjoy and savor.

I'll be around a bit more hopefully and can settle back into the regular writing thing.

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