Monday, March 23, 2009

5 More Weeks....

Or less.....


I've had a sneaking feeling that Easter weekend is going to be his time, so we shall see. Trying not to get "married" to that idea, but it's just a gut feeling I've had for a bit.

Today I went for my 35 wk check up (last one was 2 weeks ago), and I only measured 32 cm in fundal height, which is where I was at at 33 wks. Because there was no change AND because I was 3 cm behind (normal is +/- 2 cm), the doc wanted to schedule a u/s for next week. She thinks that he likely just dropped, which can mess up the fundal height measurement, but wants to ensure that he's still growing and/or that my amniotic fluid level is where it ought to be. So I get to see my boy again next Monday. I am looking forward to it as I never had an u/s past 20 wks before and think it will be neat to see him with more definition.

Charlie Brown was more worried about today's wonderings than I was - but that's because I thought the baby had dropped overnight as the pressure was more intense this morning when I woke up. Charlie Brown made me worry, though, after our visit as he was like, "What if they say we have to deliver on Monday because he's not growing or because the fluid is low?" I hadn't even gone there, despite the doc saying that either could possibly be a factor. I'm still not terribly concerned, but now there is that nagging doubt. Nevertheless, if we deliver next week, it's only 1 wk preterm and Punkinhead was born at 36 weeks, we know that drill. Not too scary.

One thing that is nice is that we'll get a definitive answer as to his position, too. He's kind of head-down, we think, but still quite sideways, so it will help to know if he needs any maneuvering before the birth.

I've started having some irregular contractions, just B-H, for sure, but they are working. I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced today!

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  1. Squee!!!!

    I'm sure that you're right not to be concerned.

  2. Already? It seems that you just told us you were expecting! Crazy!

    Hey, with 2 others I'm sure you know this but get your rest now!

  3. Wow! I can't believe it's almost here!