Monday, March 30, 2009

Resistance is Futile

Husbands everywhere ought to heed the following rule of life:

Moms (yes, that means your wives also if you have children) really do know best.

Case in point:

Yesterday after church we went out to eat with some friends and then the group proceeded to visit a couple who'd just had their first baby that morning at the nearby hospital. Neither LMNOB nor Punkinhead had used the restroom since church.

Following the hospital visit, Charlie Brown drove us over to a nearby motocross track where there were races going on. Motocross is the current love language between Charlie Brown and the kids, so a good time was had by all. Still no restroom breaks as there weren't any where we were at.

Of course, both kids fell asleep in the truck. LMNOB, however, woke when I opened my door and proceeded up to her bathroom. Punkinhead on the other hand, NEEDED a nap something fierce, and has recently become such a light sleeper that if transported, he will inevitably wake and say, "I'm not tired anymore!" I weighed all of this in the back of my mind against the possibility of him wetting himself and/or getting disoriented if left in the truck and crying, before asking if Charlie Brown was going to take him in. Rather, I suggested that he take him in.

Charlie Brown brushed me off and said "He needs to sleep." Which was true.

Ooooooooooo-kay, I said, then took off for a nap.

Shortly after I wake, Charlie Brown tells me, "So, I felt so bad for Punkinhead when he woke up."

"He came in crying didn't he?" I accuse.

Sheepishly Charlie Brown replies, "Yeah, and soaking wet. He felt horrible and said, 'But Daddy, it had been so wong!' and I told him I wasn't mad, that it had been a long time, and it was ok. But man, poor guy - he really took it to heart."

I huff and say, "Didn't I tell you this could happen?"

Seriously, guys why do you not listen to us?

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