Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Suspense is Killing Me....

Preface this post with the fact that Pitocin played a huge role in both of my previous labors, i.e. my body has yet to really prepare for birth on its own. LMNOB's was a medically necessitated induction at 39 wks because I was going preeclamptic. Punkinhead's on the other hand, was a "failure to progress" type of induction as my water broke but then I didn't have any contractions/dilation following that.

So....this time around, I've had symptoms, as in What to Expect When You are Expecting (and other such books) milestones that they say to look for towards the end.

Like how two Fridays ago I had hardcore cramping - like, did I not have a giant belly with a baby squirming all to hell in it, I would have SWORN I was about to start a messy period type cramping. Later that night, I went to the bathroom and out came a big ole glop of mucous. Like seriously, huge.

Mucous Plug?!? As in Labor is coming soon???

I had to have validation and called out to Charlie Brown, "I think I just lost my mucous plug - come see!"

To which he responded, "Uhm, thanks, but I'll pass on dissecting the loogie your vagina just hocked."

Rather than being upset, I was in awe at his comeback.

The rest of that weekend - got us nothing. I was told the following Monday, however, that I was at 1 cm and about 50% effaced.

Last week I just had intermittent cramping - nothing to write home about. And at last Monday's appt, I was at maybe 1.5 cm and about the same thinness.

This past Monday, I was at 2 cm and 70% effaced, so I was pleased to hear that.

Then I had some bloody show that night - but I brushed it off and blamed it on the exam, as it had hurt a bit.

Then there was more yesterday around noonish. Along with the bad back cramps. So I started to think this is it, we're gonna go soon.

And last night, another ginormous glob of mucous, with blood this time, and more back cramps. I have been feeling a LOT of pressure yesterday and today, and this afternoon when I got with a friend, she was like, "That baby is WAY low today - I mean you look WAY different!"

So now I just want to meet this little guy - we're ready, Bud.

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  1. You're so close! Best of luck for a quick and happy (as can be?) labor! Can't wait to see the new one!!!

  2. How exciting Heather!! Good luck and keep us all posted!

  3. Waiting, waiting! Yea babies!

    I'll be saying a prayer for a safe and quick delivery and a healthy baby.

  4. That's very exciting. I can't wait.

    (BTW - when I changed from WordPress to b2evolution my feeds changed - you might see if you can update that here and start seeing when I post again. ;) )

  5. Squeee!!!! Awaiting further developments!