Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bees Have Got Nuthin' on Me

I have been a mite busy, folks.

Last weekend we headed up to Craig for some fam time with my family plus Charlie Brown's family, and I was gloriously offline save for the few mobile updates I did on facebook.

Tuesday we headed back, as Charlie Brown had a softball double header that night. About 30 minutes before the end of the windy canyon road we travel to get home, Punkinhead announced his tummy didn't feel so good so I told him to let us know if he was going to get sick and that he had a bag (from his happy meal in Steamboat) to throw up in. Well about 25 minutes later, we heard a sound, looked back and LMNOB was sitting in her own puke with nary a word about feeling ill. Charlie Brown pulled over, rushed to her side of the truck and told her to get out but she was unable to get past doing anything but puking. Punkinhead looked over and then he got sick, in the bag. However, because it took so long to clean LMNOB up, his bag ripped out and the contents got all over him anyway. Now we had two kids being cleaned up on the side of the road, and then Lil Guy proceeds to Scream like Never Before, when Punkinhead asserts that he "forgot to put underwear on today," as we are changing him into fresh pants. :giggle: Got on the road and we had 1 CURVE LEFT before being on the straightaway!

We got home, with enough time to feed Lil Guy, change into softball garb and load up in the CAR, and go to softball, where we also purchased dinner. Came home, put kids to bed and cleaned the truck upholstery and unpacked.

Wednesday - VBS in the morning, a couple of hours at a spray park, and then church at night.

Thursday - VBS in the morning, lunch, and then we were off to see the Wizard, er, Great Mombi, in the local community college's Journey Back to Oz play. I cooked dinner that night, but the rice didn't cook (my burner's low was apparently too low for this rice to simmer on as it was still crunchy) and we ended up needing to augment our meal - but being as no one had been home all week that meant no groceries and thus we ended up out to eat.

Friday - last day of VBS and mad cleaning at our house since we hadn't done any all week.

In the meantime, I read a book and wish to blog my thoughts about it soon....

Also - today is our anniversary. 11 years of me and Charlie Brown :)

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  1. You sound very busy. I use to hate when the kids would get sick in the car. That was a bad one!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sorry about the carsick!

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