Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day Late and Several Dollars Short

So, all the cool kids do it....I figured I probably would too...if I can promise to get on regularly enough to participate in Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.

Friday Fragments?

So.... let's go.

**** Li'l Guy started rolling over last Saturday, at 3 1/2 mos. Since he's begun to roll, he now fancies a life of mobility and has been spotted getting on all fours and pushing with his legs - and has started making headway. He has yet to coordinate his arms, however, and I'm hoping full-fledged crawling will be at least another month away. Can you imagine?!?

**** I have yet to write up Li'l Guy's birth story and he is as mentioned above, pushing 4 months old. For shame.

**** I have been in a weird funk of late. It could be that I'm looking down the barrel of post-partum depression. Or dealing with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder on the heels of nearly dying. Or, switching to a different tense of conditions, it could be pre-menstrual syndrome. Good ole PMS. Wait, Heather, aren't you exclusively breastfeeding? I mean what with the whole 'I nursed Li'l Guy come hell or highwater' attitude while you were in the hospital - you are still nursing right? Ahh, yes, I am. And yet, I had not one, but two periods in July, 21 days apart. My OB/GYN had the nerve to call me "one of those lucky women," and I had the nerve not to slap her across the face. So, going off my mental state, I am right on schedule for another dousing of estrogen and such. Add to it just some general senses of failures as a Christian mother, and well... you know, a lot on my plate right now.

**** The older kids start school on Wednesday. I am both elated and yet oddly enough, given my complaints about the stresses of dealing with 2 school-aged siblings over the summer, saddened by this. On the one hand, ROUTINE!! On the other, well, uh, ROUTINE!!

**** In effort to do just one thing that we'd originally planned to do this summer, before I got sick, we went camping this weekend. 'Cept that we only ended up staying for just over 24 hours due to weather. Tent camping with 3 kiddos, one of whom is under 4 months, kind of requires perfect weather. And we got torrential rains with gusty winds last night/this morning. Our gear kept us warm and dry; however, being forced into the tent at 7:45 last night kind of pre-empted LMNOB's nighttime pee before bed. And despite her gear keeping her warm and dry, she herself did not. Yeeeeeah. She was a good sport about it, as were we - I mean, it was completely cruel of nature to expect her super teensy bladder to make it 10 hours without release - but her warm nighttime clothes were not re-wearable despite the fact that her bag (actually MY mummy bag) was virtually un-touched by her leakage. So, yeah, we packed up and we are now home sweet home.

**** As mentioned in the title, we are still reeling from sticker shock of my medical bills. Much tighter budget than we are used to, sometimes to the point of blind faith - thankfully God has always provided an AFLAC check, a love offering from church, or a side job for Charlie Brown at just the right times. God is so good to us, and yet I struggle with worrying still. I am learning, slowly, that Jesus meant what He said in Matthew 6:25-34. I should know this inside and out after the big crisis this summer, but unfortunately I am very much like the Israelites, who after seeing and walking through a parted Red Sea, who were fed DAILY with manna and quail (BTW...could you GET any more organic than sustenance from HEAVEN and an un-chemical-ed earth? How many of us would LOVE that now?!?!) and basically had every need met still worried and grumbled about the hard things they were going through. So....still learning. Still growing. Still a work in progress.

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  1. Hey you :) I'm so happy to see you participating in fragments and catch up with your happenings.

    I'm thinking here that a bit of routine might be good for ya right now - it changed my world when I was in the throws of PPD as did getting outside as much as possible. I strongly believe that a little sunshine and a lot of fresh air is the best medicine for anything, really.

    Sorry about your camping trip - you're a brave woman for heading out with your clan *bows to thee* :P

    Take care of you xo

  2. As crazy as getting into the routine has been, it has totally been a blessing. Hope it is for you too!

  3. First of all, thanks! =)
    Second, we had the same camping trip this weekend! Only it was just me and John and we managed. I can't imagine taking a tiny one camping, that would be tough!
    I hope you start to feel better, and the routine helps.