Friday, August 28, 2009

Fragmented Snippets and Linky Love

Oh my....

Friday Fragments?

So I have a post in my drafts folder , one of many right now, that I'm working on. It's titled Super Bawl Sunday (watch for it soon) as it is about how God totally met me where I was a couple of weeks ago, and it is crystal clear that He arranged a couple of "coincidences," for this little meeting to occur. Said meeting of me and my God caused a bit of a breakdown in an "I can't do this [on my own]" fashion. Said breakdown inspired other people in my life to share their struggles....and now I'm heading up the organization of a ladies prayer/mentoring group at my church right now. Amazing how God uses people to facilitate events that have a greater purpose than originally imagined.

My good friend Jen/Huckdoll recently re-entered SAHMhood also and has a post up that pretty much describes my blogging state too.

On Monday, I saw my lady doc to get some "hardware installed." Apparently so did Amanda at The Mom Job....her rendition suffices for now, LOL.

I got a new haircut - rather, it's not a new style for me but it's been awhile since I've sported this particular cut, almost a year - on Wednesday. My hairdresser said when it was done, "I like you so much better with short hair. I concur, even if Charlie Brown called me "butch." Oh, yeah....he did.

Been running/walking everyday for a week now. 50 minutes of activity minimum. Feeling increasingly good with this.

Hoping that all of the above might rekindle some of the fire between Charlie Brown and I. Things are a little quiet on that front right now and I am getting cranky about it.

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  1. What a cool thing about the coincidences! can't wait to hear more about it.

    And have a lovely evening w/cb. you BOTH deserve it!

  2. Hope your spirits are lifted. Nothing like a good haircut to make a person feel better!