Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Doesn't Hurt...

Seth is not as addicted to observant of the e-mail as I am.

Nor has he ever really read my blogs without first being told to do so.

Which means, he did not look at the Invisible Woman e-mail his mom sent the other day, entitled "FW: Merry Christmas, Please Watch."

Last night, he sat down and looked at the e-mails in our inbox and he points to it, and asks me, "This any good?"

While it is the kind of e-mail that is easily relegated to the genre of "chick flick," I told him, "Yeah. It is."

Afterward, all he said was, "I see you too, though often it is in hindsight. Thanks for all you do."

And so ladies, perhaps that might be a reason to forward the e-mail on to all the men in your life - as they might need a prompt to tell their special lady who feels none so special, invisible even, something similar.

P.S. Note he WATCHED the e-mail, which means the video not the text one. This is important when sending to men!

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