Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Thankful

I'm so glad that yesterday is over and that Scripture tells us God's mercies are new every morning.

Yesterday was an insane day - I was jokingly terming it "Woeful Wednesday" in my head. Yes, it was. That. Bad.

I'd tell you all about it (and started to, actually) but it is a really long whine, and really don't we all get enough whining every day?

Suffice to say that I had bratty kids, went grocery shopping because our pantry was BARE, left my wallet at the store but didn't realize this until I'd pulled into a gas station because my low-fuel light was on, left to go get my wallet, and ran out of gas at a major intersection in rush-hour traffic.

Just one question? When did my life become a re-run of I Love Lucy? I mean seriously, between the stuff I've documented on NMM and this, I feel like I'm one comical scene away from being right there with Lucy and Ethel, including the dramatic Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh at the end of the day, lol.

So here's to humor and a great NEW day. I'm off to drink a pot of decaf coffee and get my laundry going.

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