Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Monday Again....

Which means it's time for....

My Not Me's are a little on the tame side this week, but for what it's worth:

I did NOT forget that it was trash day last Friday and "bump" into our trash can at the end of the driveway because I was too busy barking at two :cough: the oldest ones kids in the backseat to quit doing this, that or the other thing to heed my rearview mirror's admonishment that There. Is. A. Honkin'. Big. Mass o' Trash. At. The. End. Of. The. Driveway.  I did NOT underestimate what seemed to be a MINOR bump and simply pull forward, re-enter reverse and obliviously go about my way.  And I did NOT kick myself in the pants when I got home and the kids, after playing on their bikes in the alley, later told me, "Uh, Mama, you broke the car when you hit the trash can."  Because I definitely had NOT managed to crack my left tail light.  I'm not one of *those* women drivers, I swear!  Also: like my car doesn't already have a POS look to it, I had to add to it.

I did NOT get so wrapped up in conversation with my sister - who is getting married in 6 days, SQUEEEEEE!!!! that I changed Christopher's poopy diaper on my lap (successfully at that) while on the phone.  Nor did I justify neglecting to put a new diaper on him on the grounds that we'd just gotten back from a run and we'd take a shower soon anyway.  I did NOT, upon seeing Christopher had fallen asleep, say, "I'll just put him in his crib as is and take my shower," citing that his sheets needed changed anyway.  I did NOT get out of the shower only to be greeted by a very WET boy who was none so happy about it nor was there POOP all over his bed!  Gah, so much for killing two birds with one stone.

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  1. Oh ... the poopy wet baby messes I do not miss at all!

    And don't worry, I am not one of *those* women drivers, either ;)