Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday: Kelsey's Birthday Edition

In honor of Kelsey's birthday, this will be things I did NOT do from the time she was in the womb to birth.....

I was not so impatient to know whether I was pregnant (because I did NOT go off the Pill 6 mos prior, citing irreconcilable hormonal differences, and then during one night of passion, neglect to use the barrier method), that I bought an HPT and took it with me to my college classes that morning in July 2000.  So NOT impatient was I that I did not insist on peeing on the stick during a class break in a dimly lit public restroom in the basement of my university.  And I definitely did not hold said stick, now peed upon, up to the fluorescent light in the very public entry to confirm the presence of that second line!

I did NOT gain 57 lbs while pregnant with Kelsey, and definitely not because I ate cinnamon rolls nearly every night for dessert.  I certainly did not use being with child as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted to when I wanted to.  Children are a blessing, not an excuse for unrestrained gluttony!

I did NOT, after pushing for 1 1/2 hours, tell my mother and mother in law that the next person to say "You're almost there!" was going to have to [bleep]ing leave.  They'd been saying it for over 45 minutes and I, quite frankly, was sick of that cheerleader on the sidelines BS.  I did NOT tell the doc that I couldn't do it then either, lol.  Another hour later, with some very swollen parts, I did finally get her out!

I did NOT take more pictures of Kelsey as a baby than I have of both boys combined.  That first child devotion is a myth and I have equal amounts of pictures of all my children at every age!  I can't even type that with a straight face, are you kidding me?  But, in my defense to all you subsequent kids out there, it is not a devotion issue so much as a practicality/time management issue: Often, baby pics of you include your older sibling just because who has time for individual shots ALL the time?

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  1. I fully support your lack of pictures- I have only one babe at this point and he has barely a photo album or scrapbook to speak of (his grandparents however make up for that in spades!). I figured I'd make it easier on all of us if there were to be further children- no jealousy right :). This was great Not Me post to read! TJ

  2. I had to laugh at all your "not me's"...too funny! Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day. Love your blog it is adorable!