Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Songlist

So it's Saturday and it's one where Seth is working.

While the temp is decent enough outside, the wind is blowing and taking 3 kids out in the elements does not bode well.

Plus, it's finally their spring break and with the forecast we've got I think there will be plenty of outdoor activities in our near future!  FINALLY!!!!!

So what am I doing, by default, then?  What any housewife who's broke, single-momming it for the day when the weather is crummy does:  Cleaning. The. House. Top. To. Bottom.

I NOW INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST FOR BREAKING NEWS: my attempt to simplify my life (i.e. putting a gate up at the stairwell so I didn't have to chase the baby every two seconds) I created a bigger problem - Colton, unable to open the gate, grabbed onto a coat on the coat rack, and used it to climb over the gate, in turn pulling the coat rack, and the eleventy-one coats (thank you, March weather in Colorado!) and jackets on it, off the wall!  Rather than cry or get mad, though, I had a good laugh and figured he was trying to be independent and/or creative, both of which are things we're trying to instill in our kids. But, it's one. more. mess.  Oy!

Anyway, back to cleaning.  I always crank up the tunes when cleaning and thought I'd share some of my favorites of the day with y'all.

Matt Maher - Hold Us Together

Toby Mac -Get Back Up (anything by Toby gets me going!)

Plumb - Blush (Missing my man today!)

New World Son - There is a Way

An oldie but goodie - Five for Fighting - 100 Years

It's all feel-good to me, so enjoy!

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