Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Longest Week

So I lied when I told you all I'd have Foodie Friday up for last week - I had good intentions, and wrote the post with the recipe and everything, but failed to hit publish - sue me.

Good news is, y'all will have access to a yummy tortilla soup recipe as of tomorrow :)

My sister is married, and had an awesome wedding day.  Getting there was a tad stressful, as any wedding is, but we were successfully free of drama and I was so proud of everyone for making nice and playing well together.  Click on over for my pictures (some of which were taken by my kids and thus not the best!) and my brother's pictures.  More to come, but for now this is what ya get and ya won't throw a fit.  I learned many talents while preparing for my sister's wedding, including (but not limited to):

  • how to stem, pin, and arrange stephanotis, as well as the preparation/arrangement of tulips, roses, various mums and carnations into bouquets rivaling any professional florists' renditions that I've seen. 
    I might add that they were created at approximately 2:00am the morning OF the wedding, which was also spring forward, so it was really 3:00am!

    check those bad boys out!
  • how to cut giant tissue paper puffy flower thingies that hung from the rafters in the reception room
Channeling Martha
It was kinda like watching the HS gym turn into prom,
seeing the reception room transform
  • circa the 1500s, I learned how to shove a woman into a dress that would later cut all circulation off of her, and actually bruise her ribs.  Sorry Kaylie, but it had to be done!
We came home Monday, and I had something going on at our house (it's part of my Not Me Monday, so can't give it away!) so we had to hurry up and prep for that.

Tuesday, I had my Bible Study in the morning, it was gorgeous out so I HAD to go for a run, went grocery shopping as I'd avoided filling the food coffers since we'd be out of town, came home, cooked for a college choral group coming to our church to give a performance, dropped food off, came home and cooked for my sister, my brothers and their significant others since my brother and his GF were moving and I thought it would be nice if they could eat a homecooked meal instead of paying to eat out since all their stuff was packed.  I had a wonderful time doing all of it, and would do it all over again, but I WAS POOPED!

Yesterday, I had prayer group in the morning, but again, it was SO GLORIOUS outside I knew I'd have to take advantage of this rare March day and went for a quick run once the older kids got put on the bus.  Went to lunch after prayer group with the girls, came home, cooked a bit, kids got home (early release on Weds.) and we proceeded to soak up some rays in the yard, conducting the great Spring Poop Scoop.  Had some doggy drama, cooked dinner and then left for Wednesday night church.  Came home.  Passed out from exhaustion.

Today I am fabulously unscheduled and I'm hoping to reclaim my house from the dishes and laundry that are taunting me and holding my inner peace hostage.

Why is it that weekends away seem to take 10 days on average to recover from?

Further, why is it that Spring Forward acts as an exponent instead of a simple multiplier in the amount of recovery needed?


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  1. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great day :)

  2. I meant to do those tissue ball things for my baby's first birthday party, but then I got lazy. Were they easy to make?

  3. @Christa, not hard to make at all - was surprised as I am NOT crafty.

    @ Tinka - thanks for stopping by!

  4. Actually, your tortilla soup recipe did publish somewhere in there because it made it to the feed and I've already written it down :)

    You gals looked beautiful - I'm glad the wedding went so well. And I hear you about weekend recovery however I can resonate most with,

    '... the dishes and laundry that are taunting me and holding my inner peace hostage."

    Sooooo true!