Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Blogging Made Me a Superhero to My Son

So, I've been trying to get back into serious blogging, right?  And jump into commercial blogging for the first time ever (after 4 years).

This means lots of social networking (which I've been very slow at - how do people with kids do this?) and commenting/participating on other blogs and giveaways.

When my dear bloggy friend Piper had a giveaway last week for the video game of How to Train Your Dragon, I decided to bite and play along.

Colton walked in the bedroom door just as I was leaving my comment - and wanted to know immediately what I was doing.  I explained that I'd entered a contest and that I could but no guarantees that I would win a free video game of HTTYD.

Every day thereafter, he has asked me, "Did you check the mail?"  Followed by, "So did our game come?"  Son, apparently we need to talk about probability and the meaning of the word could.

But, his positive thinking apparently paid off because we did in fact win a video game!

And now, he's like, "So Mama, are there any more contests you can sign us up for?"

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  1. Hahaha! Yay!

    You'll always be a winner in my book, even win you really win ;)

    I'm glad you're back, xo

  2. Congrats! Winning stuff is always fun.

    I won Vancouver Canucks hockey tickets and an Earth Day t-shirt on Twitter ... winning the tickets was like, the highlight of my online lifetime!