Monday, April 5, 2010

Things That Do *NOT* Happen When Mama Gets Sick

Easter 2010 was more than a little "off" at Casa del Meyer this year.

For starters, we definitely were NOT so broke that we neglected to even dye eggs this year, let alone do any of the other fluffy Easter traditions that have nothing to do with Christ's resurrection.  And we surely didn't avoid addressing the kids about this breach in custom, only to eventually give a lame talk on how even the Easter Bunny is cutting back these days.  We would NEVER be anything but upfront with our kids!

Yesterday, I did NOT wake with a gurgling in my tummy at 5:45am.  I did NOT roll over and panic that I had to wake Seth so he could ensure that Christopher didn't wake and roll out of our bed - because our baby is almost 1 and he definitely is past the whole waking-in-the-middle-of-the-night-because-I-can-only-get-to-sleep-and-stay-asleep-in-Mama's-arms thing.

Seth did NOT play possum as I frantically tried to wake him while willing my stomach contents to stay put, because he's a great husband who knows that I wouldn't wake him at o'dark-thirty for just any ole reason!  When he did finally, reluctantly, arouse his senses, he did NOT snap at me and roar, "What are you doing?" because, well see the previous statement about what kind of husband he is.

I then rushed to the bathroom.  And again an hour later.

Around 7:30, Colton came in and they were watching cartoons.  I did NOT nag them that they ought to be getting ready for church (9:00 classes!).  They did NOT bounce on the bed, knowing that I was having GI distress, because I have more sensitive children than that!

I got sick once more.  Oy.

They left, and I slept.  The whole time they were gone.

At 12:30 they were home.  And they did NOT wake me up to announce they were home.

Seth did NOT obliviously hand me a poopy Christopher and ask, "Can he lay down with you?"  Because he has a sense of smell, last I checked, and he would really be more sensitive than that, now wouldn't he?  So I did NOT get up and change the baby, because there would be no need for me to do such work when I was so ill seeing as how attentive and others-focused my family is, only to be faced with that familiar gurgling.

I did NOT have to shove Colton out of the way on my way up the stairs, because he totally heard me when I said, "Move!"

I slept more - until about 4:00, when Seth really needed a reprieve from Christopher and asked if I could get him to take a nap.  Which I did.  He did NOT only take a 25 minute nap, however, because he is an intuitive kid and usually knows when we really need a break.

I did NOT go downstairs and see our living room and kitchen in complete disarray, because the kids and Seth knew that I couldn't tend to it all today.

Mamas do NOT get sick days, do we?

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