Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who turned up the busy?

Holy smokes y'all.

It is that mad dash to the end of the school year and dang, we got busy!

I'm so sad about that too, because I had a great Not Me Monday [still in my head], replete with a bedroom disturbance whilst things were Happenin'.  Oh yeah, it would seem that locking the door doesn't do much if the door isn't latched shut.  But hey, at least my sons know Mama and Daddy really do love each other, eh?  :snort:

And I thought I would just get it pounded out (the NMM post) on Wednesday and rebrand it as Wasn't Me Wednesday, but as you all know, that didn't happen.

Kelsey's behavior of late has been a crazy cocktail of sensory issues + emerging hormones + sheer stubbornness of late and just two nights ago, I became a raving lunatic over it.  Seth was at a worship committee meeting that night and I'd.  HAD. it. up. to. HERE!!!! with her disrespect.  So I totally lost it on her.  :hangs head in shame:  Thankfully, my wonderful husband knows how difficult she is and after I'd called to vent [during a meeting, I mean what was I thinking?!?] and got stuck leaving him a VM, he came home with flowersThis is your cue to all collectively go "Awwww...." seriously, leave it in your comments, lol.

I've made some good eats over the past few weeks and have totally been wanting to resume Foodie Fridays, but haven't made it there yet.

But, what I have done is reclaimed my house.  I have maintained it at a high level of clean for 3 weeks straight and it feels SO GOOD.

We've also gotten back on track with our finances, PLUS someone turned up the busy at Seth's place of employment as well as side jobs and that bodes even better for our wallets, as well.  Praise God for that!  And, I'm back in contacts as a result - which is so good because I really do prefer to run with sunglasses when the sun is SO BRIGHT and lovely.  Note to God, not a complaint, keep pouring the rays out!

I have some ideas in the back of my head about future career/financial plans that I'm toying with.  And now praying about - please, if you're a praying sort, send some up asking for God to reveal His will for me and our future (we're talking when Chris goes to school here).

Speaking of Christopher...his naptime's over wail is on - so until next time.

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  1. Oh yes, the headless days during the mad dash to the end of the school year. I'm familiar with that!

  2. I'm not ready!!!! You made me lol, thx! I needed that today!