Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Five years after I started my first blog, Ramblings of a Red-Headed Step-Child, I decided it is time for change.

At Ramblings, I did a lot of shadow-boxing, working through multiple depressions, role strain, and many other quarter-life crisis topics.  I also chronicled some sweet memories of my two older kiddos, so it wasn't all bad ;)

I identified myself as being the odd man out - hence the whole red-headed step-child beat - but at some point, I began to feel as if that put a chip on my shoulder, that I was playing victim to my circumstances.

This new blog is to pay homage to the fact that life happens.  And rarely according to plan, particularly ours.  I believe that God has a plan for us all, though, and sometimes that means stops, yields and complete detours on the paths we set out upon in order to remain in accordance with His will.

Also of note?  This idea that we have to be the finished product, that we have to have it all in order, in a word - perfect - before we can go on into life is pretty much....uh, false.  Life is in the journey and not so much the destination!  So quit echoing your kids' "Are we there yet"s and stop worrying about whether you're a perfect housewife/personal finance manager/cook, etc.  Enjoy the ride and know that you will arrive at your [un]intended destination when you're supposed to.  Just remember to listen to the 'On-Star' of your life: God, and you'll navigate just fine.

So - there you have it.  This is a life blog - no mommy blog, food blog, etc. niche to fill.  So the things that happen and make life memorable will all play a part (and yes, that does mean the occasional recipe!) in the posts here.  I hope you'll follow along with me.


  1. I LOVE IT! Looks like you'll be happy here. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Love it Heather. Totally and completely. I also can't wait for more!