Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One More Reason to Love Him

Ahh, Mr. Fix-It, this man is pretty freaking incredible, y'all.

Because his employer was a sponsor for the Firekracker 5k this year we scored two free entries into the race.

I registered myself without hesitation, but was slow to sign him up.  He hadn't said he wanted to run.

He hasn't been training either, so my confidence was a leetle...well...LOW.  Plus, we didn't have anyone to watch kids for us as we ran, and ya know, logistics.

Then his parents decided to come up and Mr. Fix-It, AKA Mr. I-Love-Me-A-Challenge, said, "Hey, sign me up.  Mom and Dad can watch the kids for us.  This will be fun."

Ok.  Done.
Prior to the race, Mr. Fix-It gets his game face on

Courtesy of the Coloradoan, this is me getting my game face on for the last stretch
Mr. Fix-It is a FAST runner - think the hare - and usually prefers short distances, e.g. around the bases, down the football field, etc.  He runs about a 7:30-8 minute mile without training (yes, I am completely envious of that, as I had to work for a year to get a sub 9 minute mile out of my legs), but I wasn't sure how he'd do over distance, even if at a pace much slower than his own, that of my 11:something/mile pace.

He did great.  A few times I felt the bile rise and I stopped to walk briefly in order to keep from puking right then and there.  He could've kept running.  (Though funny thing, when I walked he fell behind - he told me I walked too fast!)

He was a gentleman and let me finish first knowing how much it meant to me, though because I'd crossed the start mat a second or two before he did, we finished with exactly the same times!

But, probably the best part of the whole race with my husband was his humor - even panting he still got his smart aleck commentary going, to the benefit of those around us.

Example #1 - As we approached Mile 1, there was a volunteer announcing times and another traffic volunteer standing in the road with a 'slow' sign.  Mr. Fix-It then proceeds to say, "Dude, I know we're slow, but do we REALLY need a sign telling the whole world?"  It garnered many chuckles.

Example #2 - Between Mile 2 and Mile 3 we had to run eastbound on the 'wrong' side of a westbound street.  There were cones and signs telling drivers to remain in the far left lane as the race was in progress, plus volunteer traffic flaggers.  However, one driver of a car felt obliged to lean out his window and yell, "This road should be CLOSED!" as we ran past.

Mr. Fix-It proceeded to tell the crowd, in his best red-neck speak, "I bet that boy's gonna go home and drink him a can o' red 'n' white Budweiser.  He'll be all, 'I was on my way home from buyin' Copenhagen at the 7-Eleven and all these people was blockin' the road!'"

Example #3 - there were several noticeably pregnant women running (don't ask - it defies ALL laws of gravity in my mind to run THAT pregnant), and Mr. Fix-It told me, "We can't let the fetuses beat us - they're making their moms do ALL the work, and that's not right," in effort to keep us moving at the end.

I love this man.
Courtesy of the Coloradoan.
My boy Middleton in the bottom left at the fun run.


  1. I love that he let you cross the finnish line first! My husband's ego would never have let that happen! Not that you would ever catch me running anywhere...

  2. First, the fact that you can run AND look that good, you know, running...[heavy sigh]...that is all sorts of awesome!

    Second, regarding Mr. Fix-it's observation of fetuses doing all the work, I snorted my Diet Dr. Pepper and grossed out a couple of kids in the process...FABULOUS!!!

    Thirdly, wish I could run. But, simply can't run for fear of having something drop off or fall out of my body (you're welcome!)

  3. Oh Liz, honey, you are TOO kind :)

    As for the fetuses, I told him to shut up because I had to breathe, not laugh, when he said that. My husband really did miss his calling in the comedy realm.

    And lastly - I uhm, have on occasion had some contents dropped by my bladder ( no, really YOU're welcome!) when running long distance....


    Thanks for coming by!