Monday, December 19, 2011

Stream of Consciousness 12/19/11

Three years ago today....

I quit my job working in local government to stay home with the kids.  While it has been invaluable to me and the kids to have this time together, there are some days when I look back and think, What the hell were we thinking?  

Our finances have been shaky ever since.

Colton has changed dramatically since he became a middle child....and on days when the doubt surfaces, I often mourn the loss of the easy-going, agreeable little boy that he was before we had three kiddos vying for our attention and affections.

I'm often overwhelmed, wondering how I ever did half as much as I did while working full-time, going to school part-time and volunteering because now?  I find myself floundering, a lot.


I remember.

I'm working on publishing my Facebook Timeline (gotta go in there and delete all of that TMI kind of stuff I used to post back when it was just my interwebs friends on FB, before the whole free world jumped aboard).  In doing so, yesterday I found myself drawn to May, 2009.

The start of it all.

Heather Blair Meyer is @ PVH w/pneumonia and an obscene amt of fluid outside of her lungs
Heather Blair Meyer is just so blessed w/ family, friends and church family who are always there for us in a huge way!
May 13, 2009 at 10:25am via BlackBerry 
Heather Blair Meyer just got discouraging news: gonna need surgery to get all the gunk out
May 17, 2009 at 8:44am via mobile
Heather Blair MeyerTentative plans for today: 1 removal of chest tube 2 eat lunch w/the family outside on the patio 3 GET BETTER!
Heather Blair MeyerIs going home tomorrow! I expect my room will be a zoo in the morning

And then the recovery....

Heather Blair Meyer is feeling stronger everyday, loves being back at home, and is richly blessed. God's love is everywhere in my life and I am forever grateful for it.

Friday, June 12, 2009 at 8:43am Celebrating Health!
by Heather Blair Meyer

Hello all,
Yesterday, exactly one month after I went into the ER, I received a preliminary clean bill of health (meaning I still have follow-ups later this month) from the Infectious Disease doctor, praise God! I also got my PICC line out and was able to enjoy my first shower in a month that I didn’t have to “suit up” for with plastic wrap on my arm – ahhhhhh, the little things we take for granted ;)My CRP’s were in the normal range and my white blood cells had gone down even more since my last visit (they were in the high normal range last time).
We cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers, visits, food, housecleaning, babysitting, flowers, and financial assistance that you all have given in some way. We are truly blessed to have the church family, friends, neighbors and family that we do, and without you this would have been impossible.
Throughout this whole ordeal I kept reflecting on Philippians 4:13, and I now have a new take on this special verse. You all were (are) the body of Christ – his hands to prepare meals and his feet to run errands, his ears to listen, his shoulders to lean upon and find comfort, and so much more. Now when I read, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” I think of Christ in totality, not just the Savior who died for me but the people who make up his body here on earth today as well. And it’s true, I made it through a horrible illness with the aid of our Lord and His people and now feel stronger than ever.
Those of you getting this message who don’t do church, please don’t feel excluded by my words, because we are all children of God and I count your help as part of this wonderful blessing of which I speak also.

Love to all,Heather and family

And then the running... 

 August 19, 2009
Heather Blair Meyer has had a productive day: much needed prayer time with my girls, RAN for 19 minutes, cleaned etc etc. will crash hard tonite!

October 9, 2009
Heather Blair Meyer gearing up for tomorrow's busy day....5 k in the morning and a lia sophia party in the afternoon!
October 10, 2009
Heather Blair Meyer 43:54 straight jogging, no walking! felt so good!
February 13, 2010
Heather Blair Meyer is getting the fam ready for the sweetheart classic. 4 miles, here I come
May 31, 2010
Heather Blair Meyer in the car on the way to Boulder. As this month has been the anniversary of my illness, I've been pretty unemotional about it. til this morning, got a bit teary watching prerace coverage on the news, and realizing Just How Far God has delivered me 
May 31, 2010
Heather Blair Meyer

It's pretty amazing to go back and see things in hindsight...

We'll be ok.

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