Monday, October 1, 2012

day 1: where you stood

So, in six years of blogging (give or take, what with the 6 month hiatuses and all), I've never done any of these daily blog prompt things, but I really hope to get back in the swing of it, so what better than a quick, easy photo of the day, with or without some words, to dive back into things?

While this is not a great photo, it does represent several things for me about where I've stood.  

I've stood outdoors on a sunny day, many, many times.  Today I stood outside on a sunny day because I felt the darkness pulling me down and I knew I needed to break out of it.  So Christopher and I took a play break and headed to the new {boop-boop*}park and got some much needed exercise and fresh air.
* Christopher has always given certain items names with which he associates them.  In the case of tractors, backhoes, etc, he has christened them boop-boops because of their back-up signals, this park has a wealth of boop-boops being that it's in an area under development, hence the boop-boop park.

  Completely unintended, though maybe it was a Freudian photographical slip, my shadow is divided by a crack in the sidewalk, which is very symbolic of where I've stood in life.  Born and raised a poor girl on the wrong side of the tracks, I now am an educated member of the middle class, and at times, I feel as if I still have one foot in and one foot out of both my past and present.  It makes for a constant warring within myself, which brings me to my next point...

 I've stood, boxing with my shadow as long as I can remember.  Today is no exception.

Edited to add:  Of course I snapped this without looking that further down the prompts is a day for shadow....oy ;)

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