Wednesday, October 3, 2012

day 3: this happened today

So, you can't really tell, but the wind was blowing those leaves HARD when I snapped this.  And that cloud in the background?  Just got bigger and darker as the gusts pushed it in.

We were sitting at a nice 80ish degree day with an occasional breeze, and over the course of the next couple hours, dropped a whopping 40 degrees.

Fall is in full swing.  Last night on our way to church, I remarked on the darkness, cloud facilitated as it was, "Just a week ago I noticed we've all of a sudden* gone from dark at 8:30 to dark at 7:30.  Tonight, it's just shy of 7:00 and it's already dark."

I love the crisp in the air, I love the colors, and I love the angle of the sun during the day.

But, I do NOT like the darkness that comes with it.  Good thing I got out to soak up some sun before the front came in.

*Not really all of a sudden, as it started shifting in August, but it sure seems like the earlier dusks snuck up on us!


  1. I can't describe how much I love that you're doing October photos and blogging about them!! I constantly miss our old blogging community and having you back is wonderful - keep it coming xo

    1. I totally understand, Jen, I was missing it too! I was glad to see you double up a post, because I was running behind too...I just put day 2 and day 3 up this morning, gotta love the backdate feature!