Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh Punkinhead - how I love you!

The boy is cheeks-hurt-so-bad-from-giggling funny. As a reminder, he's recently reached 3 yrs of age.

The other day, he was going potty and I left the room for a sec. Come back and there's a puddle on the floor - the boy has got the knack for peeing at a convoluted angle, in which the stream of urine slips just thru the crevice where the seat and toilet bowl meet. (No, he does not pee standing up or on a stool - he sits, and he will sit until he's tall enough to clear the top of the lid on his own!)

I grabbed a wipe and said, "Hey buddy, how come you didn't point it down like you usually do? It's ok, but babe, you know how to do it - ok?"

Matter of factly he answered, "Oh Mama, swowwy 'bout dat - da dahned pee-niss made me do it!"

Oh, son - that's likely not the last time you'll feel that sentiment - least that's what your Daddy tells me!

Boys are definitely different creatures - and I wonder if that's what makes the mother-son connection so sweet: the ability to see the thought process evolve from infantile to the cave man behaviors resembling their fathers? After all, with their daddies, we mothers only (usually) see the end cave man result, and watching our boys grow gives us otherwise hidden and often invaluable insights.

Later that same night, Punkinhead attempted to "shoot" me with sound effects and strategic manipulations of his pee-niss.

I was informed, "It's a gun Mom - it shoot!"

At which point, I chuckled and whipped the Pull-Up on him, thinking, Boy, if you only knew.

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  1. This is hilarious!!! My side is hurting from laughing.

    Thanks for commenting on my What Did God Say (Gen 2.18) post on Stoned-Campbell.

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