Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I wanna write Oprah and the following artists, and create a CD where all the profits went toward social justice efforts and awareness.

I'd call it, "Angry Women of Faith,"

It'd include:
Natalie Grant: Live For Today
SuperChik : Me Against the World
Choral renderings of
"Does He Still Feel the Nails?"
"Every Time I Kneel to Pray" - for that gut wrenching line - "Every time I see a child, I know the gentleness of my Lord," - when heard in a mindset where I'm thinking of poverty - it eats me alive.
"Make me a Servant"
"Pierce my Ear"
Aretha Franklin: Respect
Sheryl Crow: If it Makes You Happy
Plumb: Better
Jennifer Knapp: Hold me Now
Martina McBride: Love's the Only House, and/or Concrete Angel
and more...

Folks, does this sound like it would be doable? Amen?

*******Edited to add that impulsive me just sent this on to Ms. Grant's management team. Hey, it worked before when I e-mailed Fred Stoeker and got put in Every Heart Restored....


  1. I'd buy that CD! Just dropping by - found you from another blog. I too link Larry James, am a red-headed-stepchild, Colorado resident, working to help the homeless situation, mommy of three, trying to lose weight, and a believer, Did I get it all? haha

    My name is Niki and I work with Dry Bones - a ministry dedicated to the homeless streetkids and young adults in downtown Denver. Check out our website sometime.

    Enjoyed reading here - I'll be back. AND...way to go being you and doing what you can to make life better for others. Don't let churchy people poopoo all over your work. Chin up! You can do it!

  2. Ok -

    Uh YAH, we have a ton in common - and since geography is one of them - we should totally get together some time.

    I really have to go now though....gotta pick the kiddies up!