Friday, July 14, 2006

That really DOES happen?!? All the things I learned from Seinfeld

* Women can go from fundamentally beautiful to fundamentally ugly in an arbitrary manner.
Forget bad hair days, ladies, this is all out ugly one day, beautiful the next with no significant changes to the hair, makeup, or wardrobe. I recently experienced this, the other day when I got home from work, I thought, "WHAAAAAT?!? That fugly creature cannot be me!" And then, the next day? Cute... The next day, I had a damn!-I-look-fine day.

* Shrinkage happens.
Now, that is a tidbit I didn't learn in sex ed! Until this episode, I was blissfully ignorant of this phenomenon - and I'd been married awhile before I saw it (I didn't watch Seinfeld until it went into syndication)

- on this same episode, I also learned that some babies really can be ugly, or "breathtaking;" when a couple we know, with a tendency towards the visually un-aesthetic, were expecting, Charlie Brown and I really hoped their baby wouldn't remind us of this episode. We hoped enough cuz that lil boy is adorable - totally NOT breathtaking, lol!

- also learned that lobster was non-kosher (yeah, there aren't many Jews in suburban Colorado - and I admittedly haven't to this day read through the OT books where such aspects of the Mosaic Laws were put forth)

* And, thanks be to Seinfeld, I have a whole new vocabulary

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