Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

My Charlie Brown that is - that Peanuts guy was such a boy Winky

Today's our anniversary. 8 years ago today, if someone had told me with conviction and foresight, just exactly what lie ahead for us, Chuck would have been stranded at the altar! Even if that person told me just how good our marriage could (and would) become, I'm convinced that I would have said forget it when faced with the hardships of the first 6 years.

Thank the Lord that life doesn't work that way! I was just a Christian baby when we married, and pretty young irl too - 19. Those first six years were tough, but I got out of it a deeper faith, a better understanding of commitment, and a chance to see God's work while in progress! I think so many of us expect to see God's final draft for our lives, like, NOW - but it's really a constant work in progress, largely due to our free will. That tiny little factor makes such a huge difference in the work of the Lord.

Charlie Brown, I love you, more than I thought would ever be possible. I love to see you father our children, giving them a daddy that is the wish of many children. They love you so much, and that thrills my soul! I love watching you seek the Lord out more and spend more time with Him; and seeing the trickle-down effects of that in our lives. You've been so kind, patient, and gentle with me on the things that really matter (those other, more trivial things? Let's talk ;-) ) and that has been so meaningful and appreciated by me. This upward trend we've been experiencing the past two years is awesome - let's stay like this for a long time, 'kay?

Love you babe - always will.

Happy anniversary!

------note from 7/12:
Last night, Chuck and I had a fabulous meal at On the Border with Punkinhead (LMNOB is at Nana and Papa's for the week). We went home, put Punkinhead to bed, and sat down to watch 48 Hours;Mystery. Within 10 minutes, we were both sound asleep in each other's arms. When I woke at 9:45 and noted we'd missed half the show, I nudged him awake, and said, "Let's go to bed. I suppose falling asleep like this on our 8th anniversary proves we're just an old married couple."

He would have none of it, and retorted, "Hmm, Saturday night at 11, Sunday night at 12:30, and last night at 11 - old married couples don't have track records like that." No - those weren't when we hit the sheets, they were the times we were movin' the sheets! ;-)

I suppose he's right?!?

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