Monday, July 10, 2006

Note to telemarketers:

Do not call this house,
and ask,
(in your broken English,
accented from somewhere in the middle East,
so thickly
that I scarce can make sense of what you've just said)
"Hullo ma'am
may I ask for to speak
with Charlie Brown?"
And when I answer,
"He's not available;
may I take a message?"
Do not say,
"Is this
THE wife?"
I am A wife,
not THE wife.
I am Charlie Brown's wife
and I have a name.
For I am not an object,
which the word the should proceed.
Granted, I know that
cultural differences
and not being a native
English speaker
contributed to this erroneously insensitive
manner of speech.
But just because I know that
doesn't make me happy.
You, sir,
should know your audience,
and know what I was able to:
Cultural differences
can make
the most seemingly normal and neutral speech
blare offensively in the receiver's ear
Not to mention how damned intrusive you folks are anyway.
Is it not enough that my unsavory relatives can reach me at home,
but that I have to deal with the likes of you too?

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