Friday, August 4, 2006

All by our Lonesomes

The kids will get to experience me in my attempt at single motherhood this weekend.

They are excited.

I am................................... not really.

(Especially after this morning's battle ROYALE with LMNOB - I kid you not, she stood at the door, only wearing her Barbie undies, and screamed loud enough for anyone in a 3-mile radius to hear, "I AM NOT GOING OUT THERE [to the car] NAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY-KID!" Which, for the record, I did not ask her to do, I simply told her, "Get dressed. I'm putting Punkinhead in the car and if you're not ready, I'm putting you in the car as-is." She's having a rough time of it, and consequently I was thisclose to calling the FCPD this morning to say, "Uhm, please come out here and PREVENT a filial homicide. NOW.)

I'm still married for a host of reasons; at the top being gloriously, madly in love with one Charlie Brown...somewhere else down the line, because I am horrified at the thought of raising children all. by. gulp. MYSELF!

Charlie Brown is probably tired right now and yet having a time of his life - though not THE time of his life - that has a prerequisite that = my presence, right? He went with about 25 other folks from our church on a backpacking-14'er-hiking-camping trip and will return sometime Sunday evening.

I miss him already.

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