Friday, August 4, 2006

Too Bad, So Sad...

That's almost the mentality of Uniprop, a mobile home manufacturer with trailer parks here in the fort. They decided, last week, that they were struggling too much financially, and that they had to close down their newest park, Dry Creek. For more, one can read here. The first article about this aired on July 27th, with a "just the facts ma'am" kind of attitude from the Uniprop folks.

It makes me thank God for His providence, because, you see...before we bought our KB home, we almost bought out there. Miracle of hindsight.

But now, there are those displaced homeowners who need a lot to park on. And, while there are several incentives available to many - some folks will not have the opportunity. For them, they may as well have no equity as a homeowner, and instead have a burden that will hurt for a long time.

But, you know, our economy is soooo picking back up. Yeah, tell it to these folks.

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